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21 October 2012

Mental Block

Since the Breskens trip I've been meaning to fix another item that broke. Strictly speaking it was already broken, but I just broke it more. To the point where it is actually finally broken beyond cobbling along.

The trip to scoff a waffle cost me a new reef line (fitted in Breskens) and a main sheet block.

The block system on the main sheet on a Dehler 36 comprises of four large Lewmar blocks.
The originals it seems, have lasted well, but now, rapidly, like a set of lightbulbs all fitted to a new house, they are all popping off in short succession.

I scoured the internet for the modern equivalent.
the all new and improved Lewmar blocks (62 squids each) now have ball bearings and spin almost like silk.
The delight of spinning the new blocks brought me over most queer like, with a hot flush of anticipation. The thought of less friction is almost orgasmic.
I procurred two new blocks.

But the upstander part which is absolutely fine and still works ok has a different sized receptacle.

So the new blocks went on the upper part of the mainsheet rig while I reconsulted the internet.


I visited a different chandler to usual and had to do the obligatory wander around browsing, like you do, it's the law. And there, in a dusty corner (aren't all chandlers corners dusty?) sat two Harken blocks, with exactly the right sized thingy, to fit in the wotsit. I didnt need to measure, I could just tell.
62 squids each these were too...

.... arrive back at Varekai with the look of an excited parent about to reveal a lovely present to their beloved child...


The main sheet is so friction free now it's like mainsheet porn. Honestly. You can't help but want to handle the line and just feel it slipping smoothly through the new set of four blocks.
I could just sit in the cockpit and play with the main sheet while moored. I dont need to go sailing anymore for my filthy fix of sailing excitement. Come and handle this!

arf arf arf.

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