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19 February 2012


I'm enjoying having the facility to enable me to power my heater. Its nice. Its convenient.
I'm also enjoying not having to row out in the storms and heavy weather we've had over the past two months.
But I crave some space to breath.

Being in the marina I'm so convenient for people to just pop in and see me.

I dread the tap tap tap in a morning at a weekend. When I'm trying to catch up on sleep deprivation. When I'm catching up on some "me" time.

My day job is quite intense. People asking something of me every few minutes throughout the day. I commute on a packed train, I answer the phone, I answer the people I work with constantly. They bombard me with requests. We demand this, we demand that.
It feels like this Billy Connolly sketch:

So, I crave solace.

I do not crave company.
I do not crave love.
I do not crave hugs.

I'm really looking forward to being back out in the river.

six weeks until my marina mooring ends. Lets just hope the weather warms up a bit.
Otherwise I'm going to be cold.

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