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17 February 2011

Mobile blogging two

Does the opportunity of blogging on the go as the thoughts form in my head of what i'd like to write about next devalue the experience? Does it make the thoughts any less sage because they are that bit younger and perhaps less well mulled over?
Not sure yet.
Having just performed a digital exorcism on my digital communicator I lost all of my digitally stored to do lists. Thankfully my non digital storage device, my trusty analogue brain and backup notepad in a bag still contain traces of such important lists of things that I must do.
As I eek out shadows of former ruminations, I realise that not many things on the lists actually got done. Mainly because they were hidden away on a digital device that needed activating in order to view said lists. Well, if one forgets the list, they are about as useful as a chocolate washing line.
The good old post it note, stuck to a door at reading height seems a sure way to get things done.
Making things achievable is also a way to get things done. Breaking them down into manageable nibbles instead of big chunks is also a good way to achieve the never ending list of things to be done.
In fact I rather like the rolling roadbook of the dakar rally bikes. I should perhaps have one of those stuck to the door.
And then I am reminded of the story of poor, rimmer. The simple minded space geek too stupid to pass a simple. Exam so spent all of his time creating more and more elaborate revision timetables, each one more elaborate than the last, until such time he completely ran out of time and had to sit the exam completely unrevised.
That is precisely how I feel about getting varekai ready to go back in the water. I've spent so much time actually planning and then doing creative things on the side that in fact absolutely nothing has been done since the boat came out of the water in early october 2010.

Still, at least my website looks nice ay?

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