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27 April 2009

pages of waffle

I received a letter from British Waterways.
Three pages of waffle about how London boaters shouldn't empty their toilets into the canals and waterways around London and how inspections will be made on boats to make sure they comply.

Three pages of single sided, single minded drivel.

one page would have been plenty, in fact four sentences would suffice.
Dear Customers,

We have removed elsan, rubbish and water points along Grand Union and Rivers Lee and Stort because they were over-used and were expensive to maintain.
We have removed access to British Waterways laundry and shower facilities unless you are a British Waterways Marina customer.
We understand that you will have to cruise a full day to empty your toilet or fill your water tank and that you may be temped to empty your toilets in the bushes or in the canal.
Please don't do this, we recommend that you find a marina mooring, where you will find all these facilities privately available and stop making the canals and rivers look untidy with constant cruising/on-line mooring.

yours blah blah blah


if they want to encourage people to keep moving and stop them congregating in convenient spots where the facilities are, surely they need to add facilities, not take them away!

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