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24 March 2009

the brighter side to life

It seems the media is a worry wart, doom and gloom surround us. What is there worth getting up for when all around us the bank are losing our money, the companies we work for are ditching us to stay in business, our savings gather no interest, pensions are worthless and house prices are falling through the floor... yada yada yada..

well, quite frankly, I don't pay any mind to this endless attack on my sensibilities. Ive got far better things to think about, Im a positive thinker, a survivor, Im a cat that lands on its feet, my bread always lands butter side up. My cup is more than half full, its brimming.
I thought I should share my happiness with all around me and try to spread a little sunshine.

So, what is making me happy? What on earth has got my giggle up and made all the woes and ills of the world fade to the background as a distant hum?

LIFE, the unexplainable joy of living. its a simple idea really. but to feel the good, you also have to feel the bad. you also need to perhaps smoke something or find a chemical of your choosing to enable you to read on without bursting out into hysterical laughter and switching over to a less hippy channel. So here goes. ( I do not use chemicals or alcohol, and no drugs were used to form the basis of my theories and subsequent revelations.)

first with the bad:
Humans are a huge swarm of bottom feeding scum, greedy and viscious with a peculiar ability to inflict pain and suffering on its fellow species, as well as the rest of the amazing species this planet gives life to. It is the only species that wilfully and with predetermination will cause intense suffering in the name of an idea about creation, for monetary wealth or simply for the sheer fun of it. They have ruined an otherwise quite nice planet, where species live on a fragile knife edge of an eco system. Humans came along, claimed the planet as "theirs" and then started flogging off "pieces" of the planet to each other. thus deplacing many species, wiping them out and wearing their carcasses as trophies and decorations in their homes. Seemingly well eductated and peaceful humans continue to blight this poor planet by popping out yet more parasitic human spawn that will continue to strangle an already over populated planet. Selfish and entirely animalistic.

now for the good,
Humans also have the capacity for love and empathy. this is quite a rare trait amongst species, shared with only advanced mammals.
Some humans also have the grasp of a concept that everything on this planet is connected. we all came from the planet, it created us. the molecules we are made from, the swirling mini universes that make up each cell of our body originally came from the Earth, along with the particles our homes are made from, our computers, EVERYTHING is originally from the planet. it never goes away, it is simply recycled. All species, all life, is connected. we are one complex mass of interconnecting energy. ahmen for the planet and all who she allows to sail on her.

with the yin and yang of the good and bad, after weeks of pondering over my trip to India and the meaning of life i came to a few conclusions.

1: riding bikes makes me glow from the inside
2: material possessions weigh my brain down
3: creating children is not going to solve the worlds problems, only add to them therefore I have decided NOT to take part in this activity.
4: too many clothes dont make you happy, they just fill your wardrobe and go mouldy
5: playing drums is a great way to express your inner rhythm
6: working long hours for 5 or more days a week is stupid and pointless
7: buying a small section of the Earth to claim as your own is also stupid and pointless
8: living a minimalist life is richer and more fulfilling than a life full of distractions.
9: my final revelation is, I have now realised I quite like living on my narrowboat.

yes, thats right, the revelation number 9, I have come through the hard times, I have re-discovered my life afloat and realised in fact, I actually quite like it.

finding your intergalactic oneness is easy really, you just have to open your eyes and ears to the world.

plants have rhythm

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