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25 January 2008

double yellows

double yellows
entry Jan 25 2008, 12:35 PM
I never thought I would see the day when the river has a "no parking yellow line" painted on the side.

until I got home my impression was that the bend with the yellow line painted on the pilings was so people could see the bend more easily.
In fact I got home last night to find a message taped to my door telling me to move my boat.

There is nothing at the side of the river saying I can't moor there, no written sign I mean... so I was quite surprised to see the message on my boat.

The canoe centre I am moored opposite has told me that BW requests people not to moor on the yellow line because the canoe centre has activities with young children??? WHAT?
Ive not heard such verbal bollocks in a while, the river is wide at the bend and since there is nowhere else to moor then I am moored to the nearest convenient spot where Im not obstructing anyone and not annoying anyone with my engine noise in the evening. It is afterall January still and I am one of the few boats that keep moving in this area.

I would move the boat if I had anywhere I could move to. everywhere is full at the moment.

Still, it's nice to feel welcome, yet again at a random stretch of river bank.

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