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17 October 2007

Whats under yours?

Whats under yours?
entry Oct 17 2007, 10:06 PM
I don't know if everyone does this, but I get really bored of having my furniture in the same place for weeks on end.
I feel the urge to move stuff around.

unfortunately on a boat there's not many places to move stuff to.

I had a good half a day at home today to do some work and while I was there during daylight hours, I also had the chance to relax for once on my sofa. but I couldnt.

Our living room area is a bit awkwardly laid out, the stove is big and takes up too much space to one side and then theres some cupboards that take up loads of space, leaving just a fairly limited area for seating. In which we have a small sofa measuring 1m x 1.2m

I dug under the sofa to clear out all the rammel that has been collected there by the Man. He thinks if he hides it under the sofa I will never know about it. He has a hoarding problem and it's a battle every day to stop him bringing more "stuff" home for "just in case"

Under the sofa I discovered:
one foam camping mat, unrolled
8 pieces of varying thicknesses of ply, 4mm - 12mm,
a small sample piece of wooden flooring
7 lengths of chrome pole, the kind you use for towel rails or in wardrobes etc
a drivers map of the UK
an argos catalogue
a machete
a large tuk-lok bin liner
a pencil, 6cm long and chewed

After I moved the sofa from facing length-ways to face sideways for a change, I decided to move some other stuff.

this involved moving a surfboard from our "hallway" area. under this I found several lengths of wood, some oak mouldings, some planed lengths, 2-3 meters long.
there was some steel box section metal hollow bar, a builders ground marking stake, and a very long length of inch diameter chrome bar, part of which is damaged and unusable.

so then I had to move some stuff to the bedroom, and we have quite a good space under our crossways bed where it should fold up ( but it rarely ever is)
under here I have a full sailing rig for my dinghy, a freebord ( like a cross between a skateboard and snowboard), a large stirrup pump, several pairs of shoes and a nice bit of of oak faced panelling for using in our window surrounds to replace some knackered old mouldy stuff.

Im quite pleased with the new look tidy living room, however the new look kitchen is full of shite from under the sofa.

if anyone wants some chrome bar, Ive got surplus, various lengths and diameters. free to a good home!

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