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02 October 2007

flying fish

flying fish
entry Oct 2 2007, 06:30 PM
there's a new addition to the boat, well, only when we aren't cruising that is.

Mr "less grumpy than before he went on holiday" brought me back a fish wind sock and another colourful traily type fish themed wind thingy.

I love them, they make the place more cheerful and also makes our boat easier to spot in the long line of clones that we find ourselves in at the moment.
Note in the picture how the fish is stylishly being held aloft with an old drainage rod, currently expertly held in place with some pieces of old wire wrapped around the back stanchions.

Currently moored up near St Margarets on the River Lee, its quite nice up there but its a bloody long way to work. almost 2 hours on the train. an hour and a half by motorbike. Oh how I dream of having my own car again. it's not any faster but at least it would be dry and warm and I wouldnt have to put up with the rank smell of people on the train. In particular one man this morning smelt so bad of tobacco breath I nearly gagged. Dude, if you're reading this... get some breath mints ( or kick that filthy habit)

I think we plan to move this weekend, visit the end of the navigation then head south and try to aim for the river Stort.

in the mean time im currently being generally rather happy because we have a new, less battery hungry fridge that is keeping my soya milk lovely and fresh for my cereals that I love so much and seem to eat excessive amounts of at the moment.

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