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22 October 2007

faffing and splashing about

Entry faffing and splashing about

entry Oct 22 2007, 10:11 AM
I'm not alone in the world when I say I love to faff.

I know there's quite a few people out there who love faffing as much as I do and this weekend I exercised my right to faff.

Firstly we moved the boat from Harlow town to Cheshunt. that took us about 5 hours which included a stop off for diesel and water.
it wasnt a bad trip really, the locks gates are ridiculously hard in places but we were extremely lucky with 8 out of 9 or so locks in our favour.
The highlight of the trip was the dog falling in for the first time. We were just leaving Carthagena lock, the man was at the tiller and i was just looking out over the front of the boat as I saw Mr B shake himself, unfortunately he forgot he had his front feet precariously perched on the hand rail. As he shook his head his feet lost grip and he performed a near perfect back-flip into the water from the roof.
At this point he was 50 feet in front of us, the boat was immediately knocked out of gear as I quickly moved to the edge of the boat to scoop him out. However the dog, not being one of the brightest buttons in the box, he decided to swim away. I tried calling him to make him change direction as Yann just managed to catch his collar with the tip of his finger and pull him out of the water before the boat cruised out of reach. The dog looked absolutely pathetic with his blotting paper fur, he's definitely not a water dog. I laughed myself hoarse afterwards as I dried him down with a towel. I think he was quite a lucky dog really, if we had missed him first time around Im not sure he would have survived much longer in the water.

Now we are positioned in a nice sunny (read exposed) spot near Cheshunt.

Roll on the faffing.
the choices this weekend, actually just for sunday as we spent most of saturday moving, where shall we go? to the seaside? or shall we stay in and faff all day?
we opted to stay in and spend some time on the boat.

I managed to clear a bin-liner worth of rubbish out of the cupboards in the bedroom, I didn't think it was possible to get rid of even more stuff but somehow I have and feel a whole lot better for it. Well, I would do if I hadn't disturbed so much dust and given myself such a bad attack of asthma!

me and the Man had a really good talk at the weekend about what we both want from living on a boat and we came to the conclusion that we might sell the boat next year and try something different. Ideally I would like to live on a catamaran somewhere around the south coast, but he's not convinced about living on a sailing boat with me, and he is planning on buying a camper van at the moment.
its virtually impossible for us to agree on anything except we both like being on or around water.

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