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11 July 2007

getting a man in....

getting a man in....
entry Jul 11 2007, 10:33 AM
After 6 months of a leaky Alde boiler, having wooden panels off since January to let the area dry out and only having hot water via the engine, we finally got a man in to do the job for us.

It's the first time we've paid anyone to do a job on the boat, but since it needed servicing and we don't know much about boilers and their burners, we decided getting an ex-spert to do the job might just be better than carbon monoxide poisoning.

another jobby jobbed then.

we can tick that one off the list.

why is it though that the list never gets any shorter?
Ive still got a kitchen to renovate, floors to re-cover, more curtains to make and blinds to put up.

all that can wait though.... first we must change location because Ive got itchy feet, or should that be an itchy tiller hand... anyway, I cant wait till this weekend, rain or no rain we are fookin off to the big smoke and beyond.

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