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18 June 2007

Entry A good slap and a long list

Entry A good slap and a long list

entry Jun 18 2007, 04:27 PM
We moved Honey Ryder southwards this weekend and arrived South of Cowley on the grand union, amazingly for once - still talking to each other. It seems our team work was "working" this weekend.

We had come from north of Harefield where the scenery is beautiful and we were surrounded by fields, wild life and natural parkland and the contrast now we are on the junction with the slough arm is quite a slap in our faces since we arrived. Its busy and we passed so many drunken boaters in the last 3 miles I lost count. not that I was actually counting mind you.

on the way down we discovered our travel power has stopped working which is a major pain in the tits. I hate it when things just stop like that with no warning. The sudden failure of one of our major systems made us re-list all the things we still need to do on our boat before we can consider it "general top up maintenance"

We still need to fix the leak from our Alde boiler
Now we need to fix the travel power
I still havent finished making the curtains and I still have to find blinds for the kitchen and shower room.
the engine area needs painting and the engine needs cleaning
the washing machine still needs plumbing in properly
the name needs to be painted on the boat panels
the boat needs painting in general
Id like to do up our kitchen and modernise the look a bit...

but first, the travel power...

one resident on the boat certainly hasn't been pulling his weight with regards to the "to do" list. He's busy poncing up and down on the roof barking at ladies with big baps and blokes with vicious looking dogs

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