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08 March 2007

Steady away...

Steady away...
entry Mar 8 2007, 04:47 PM
I discovered one of the very few advantages of being the UK's most expensive marina today.

Ive been looking around for somewhere to take our boat to get the bottom blacked since January. The bottom of our boat is suffering from 3 years of neglect and virtually no cruising, but gentle vegetation moored up constantly connected to shore power.
The cleaning frenzy we had a couple of weeks ago revealed to us the fact that electrolosis ( for me, the equivalent of osmosis for a metal boat) is munching away at our port side. We are moored closely to another boat along that side and also a small finger pontoon. When we took it out for surveying before we bought it last year the final remnants of the hull paint were pressure washed off so the bottom is in dire need of some TLC.

SO the advantage of an expensive marina? No bugger wants to pay so much for the facilities so they are always available when you want them. I called today to find out about craning her out, yes, how will tomorrow do you? put on hard standing near an electric point?
Dandy, yes please.

I had previously called Pyrford marina on the River Wey to enquire about their dry dock. their soonest available slot, October. now thats what I call a popular place.

So now its time to get down and dirty and scrape her bottom clean. We've got 3 weeks before our moorings run out, but the way the river is looking at the moment, I dont think it will matter if we are in or out of the water, we aint going anywhere for a while.

The river Thames in the Chertsey area today has reached a new highest level so far this winter. Its not reached nose bleed levels of summit but its pretty high, too high to use the river for sure.

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