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15 March 2007

Entry the idiots guide, part 2

Entry the idiots guide, part 2

entry Mar 15 2007, 06:03 PM
The second in my series of how to service a hull.

step 8
take a couple of days off work while the weather is good.
having taken some time off ive managed to make good progress on the hull and now all that is left to scrape and angle grind is the bow section, the stern section and around the swims as well as scrape the bottom.

step 9
Be cool with mental neighbours
The power supply to the maintenance area of the marina where our boat is, is on a shared basis. however most of our neighbours dont like sharing. in fact they will do anything possible NOT to share, NOT speak to you, NOT be civil to you, NOT acknowledge you are alive etc.
we have struggled to find a power point at which to plug our angle grinder into, since we are in a maintenance area people seem to think that watching the tv or running a fridge is a far more important use of a power point than actually doing any real maintenance.

Step 10
Find a welder
wandering around the yard this morning I was looking for someone who could do me a spot of welding. Just so happened that someone on a boat knew someone else who could do the job for us.
We plan to weld another set of anode studs onto the areas next to the current set of anode studs.
this way we can drill the anode strap and bolt replacements on as and when we like, even in the water if we so choose.
we plan to put 8 anodes on, 4 are already 50% used and then a set of nice brand spanking ones on as well on the new studs.

quote for this job, which includes welding a railing on the back of the boat as well, £80. we shall see if its more or less on monday.

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