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22 January 2007

lessons learnt: what the neighbours think

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entry Jan 22 2007, 04:03 PM
So after my unexpected brush with complete stupidity out in the kayak earlier in the day I was sitting in the warmth and comfort of the boat reflecting on my actions.

What struck me was that in all the time I was out playing on the water and potentially causing a major 999 television drama re-enactment, my neighbour was STILL polishing his mushroom vents with brasso.
The neighbour on the otherside was also busily cleaning and polishing and between the two boats I felt like I was witnessing some kind of shiny boat ( dick extension) competition.
I just dont get it, maybe its the fact there's our dowdy looking tub with a permanent list sitting between the two that makes them extra vigilant in their beautifying. Maybe they are trying to tell us something?

We are not necessarily the best dressed, beautifully spoken couple in the world, we're quite earthy shall we say. Im quite loud and brash and Yann, well he likes the natural way of reliving himself from the comfort of his own home. unfortunately in our pokey little space we occupy in the marina we have absolutely no privacy at all and have had our share of disapproving looks. ( we've met some nice people too to be fair but they dont live next to us!)
could it be possible that pissing off the side of your own boat is "not the done thing in a marina" well, maybe they would prefer we use the toilets bankside and waste gallons of fresh water needlessly. I feel that some people have forgotten that actually we are animals that have simple needs and seeing other folks doing natures business loud and proud makes them feel uncomfortable because it reminds them that we are all human and all equal, no matter how shiny or unshiny our boats happen to be.

lesson learnt: theres nowt so prudish as middleaged folk.

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